воскресенье, 8 мая 2016 г.

Prima Marketing - Design Team Call 2016 - 2017


Prima Marketing is gaining design team. Get there a dream of every fan of scrapbooking, of course, I too would very much like this.
My name is Olesya. I live in Moscow, Russia

I am four years in scrapbooking.
My place in the team, because I always strive for perfection. 

I work in different techniques, it is easy to adapt to new material and not afraid of difficulties. I consider myself a very hardworking person. I like to make cards, pages, albums, notebooks and alter-scrap. I also engaged in manufacturing of home decor and sewing teddy bears.
I am an expert in the international educational project "Notepad", which is attended by the master of Russia and Ukraine. I teach all the secrets of the manufacture of handmade notebooks. I  made myself more than 500 notebooks.

I love watercolor, using it in scrapbooking, doing paints continuation photos. My watercolor album was the best in the competition "Colour your life".

I am the designer in one of  Russia's largest producer chipbords for 2 years.
In my hobbies include photography. I am created a master class on making a background for photos, simulating a tree, where you can take pictures of great albums. After that I and those who took the master class is not difficult to find a background for articles.
I am rented the video and the presentation in a slide-show.

Once in the design team of Prima Marketing I can realize the most interesting ideas and share them with a large audience.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Олеся, удачи! Я так рада, что ты пробуешься в иностранные ДК:) Держу кулачки!

  2. Олеся! Поздравляю тебя с этим серьезным шагом! Конечно, скрещиваю все пальцы за тебя на удачу в отборе!

  3. Олеся, удачи тебе!!!
    п.с. ты еще и в МЧС засветилась???? круто...

    1. Наташа, засветилась - не то слово, она даже руководила этой службой!

  4. Олеся, удачи! Держу за тебя кулачки!))

  5. Олеся!!!! Все будет хорошо!!!!! Удачи!

  6. Девочки, спасибо вам большое за поддержку. Этот пост путем терзаний, надо или не надо, но поняла, что обязана написать, чтобы потом не грызть себя.